Improving Logic Games & Reading Comp Scores Before LSAT-Flex

Improving Logic Games & Reading Comp Scores Before LSAT-Flex

Show notes

It’s official: Logical Reasoning will only count for 33% of LSAT-Flex scores, rather than its usual 50%. In this episode, Branden and Jelena walk you through how you can still boost your Reading Comp and Logic Games scores ahead of the May LSAT-Flex test. If you’re strong in LR and panicking about Flex, this is the episode for you!

Learn how to:

  1. Stop missing Main Point questions on RC
  2. Plan for what you can accomplish in 35 minutes, not what you wish you could
  3. Use scenarios to improve your timing on LG
  4. Apply your LR skills to RC
  5. Make Comparative Reading simple
  6. Take care of your mental health while you cram!

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